Q: I've seen other planks that say they are infused with wine. How is this different?
A: Most (all?) other planks that say they are "infused" with wine really have just been dipped in wine to impart color and some flavor into the plank. The plank is then dried, requiring the end-user to soak the plank in water for hours prior to use, further diluting the already tiny amount of wine that was dried into the plank. On the other hand, WetWood planks are deep-infused using a patent-pending vacuum process which replaces air pockets in the wood fiber with the liquid. The planks are then individually vacuum sealed while wet-infused, so they are grill-ready. No hours of soaking, and no dilution.

Q: How long do I need to cook food on planks?
A: This depends on a lot of factors... the temperature of the grill, the type and thickness of the food, etc. Bottom line though is to follow the USDA "Safe Minimum Cooking Temperatures" guidelines for cooking food to proper internal temperature. We strongly recommend using a quality temperature probe suitable for grills to accurately measure internal temperature of food. 

Q: Why do I need to seer the food side of the plank before I put food on it?
A: Searing the plank does a number of things. First, it sanitizes the cooking surface of the plank. Second, by heating both sides of the plank, you reduce the tendency of the plank to warp from having a temperature imbalance. Third, you're in effect pre-heating the cooking surface so you have balanced heat on all surfaces of the food. And finally, it primes the process of getting the wood and infusion smoke and aroma started.

Q: Can I use a WetWood plank more than once?
A: We don't recommend it. If you used it for cooking fish, or if the underside of the plank is significantly charred, we would strongly recommend not re-using a plank. Beyond that, it's your call. Understand that the benefit and effect of infusion will be gone after the first use. As with any plank, food safety and fire safety should be your concern. Re-use of any plank requires added vigilance for both.

Q: My WetWood plank burned up!  What did I do wrong?
A: Charring on the bottom of the plank is good, but a flaming plank is NOT!! While WetWood infused planks certainly reduce the likelihood of plank flaming, there are a number of things that will cause any plank to burn. Fatty foods are the biggest culprit... whether you're using a plank or not, fat dripping from food onto the heat source (charcoal or gas/electric burners) can trigger uncontrolled flames that reach up and ignite the food or the plank. When that fat accumulates on and around the plank, it can ignite, and in turn, ignite the plank itself. Another cause of plank burn is that the plank is too close to the heat source, or simply that the heat is too high. 
Remember, any time you are grilling... with planks or not, you should never leave the grill unattended, and be prepared in the event of a grease fire within the grill. 

Q: The planks I got each look different, and some have liquid in the pouch, while others do not. Is something wrong?
A: Every piece of wood has its' own character! Age, density, knots and other factors all influence how a plank looks, and how much liquid is infused. Each type of plank is processed to optimize the infusion experience, and each plank is augmented with a precise amount of liquid when it is vacuum sealed in the pouch. Each planks saturation level is a little different, so some planks will have a residual amount of liquid, while others will not. All perfectly normal!