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Welcome to the ancient art of Plank Grilling…
With a modern, convenient & flavorful twist!

Cooking on wood has been done for centuries to prevent burning, provide even heating, retain moisture, and add aromatic flavor. Today’s charcoal, gas, and electric grills by themselves are simply a heat source.

Planks are the perfect addition to modern grilling, and we take it to a new level! Our patent pending vacuum infusion process forces liquid deep into the plank. Individually sealed planks are ready to use… NO hours of soaking or hassle beforehand!

And best of all, WetWood planks are infused with a variety of liquids like beer, wine, ciders, and even bacon, that complement the aromatic properties of various species of wood. When paired with food, grilling becomes an amazing sensory experience of smells & tastes!

Inspired by convenience. Motivated by passion.

We love grilling. But anyone who's ever burned a meal in front of anxious and hungry guests, or bit into an expensive cut of grilled meat that was tough & dry, knows it's not an exact science. For me, my proclivity for being lazy and inattentive meant that these grilling disasters happened too often.

Fortunately I was introduced to plank grilling, and with my first experience, I was hooked!

Not only was the experience fantastic with beautiful smoke blending the aromatic characteristics of wood and food into a chorus of sights, smells, and tastes, but I also discovered that I could not fail! With the exception of occasions where the plank caught on fire (I'll get back to that in a moment) it always turned out excellent. Everything moist, evenly cooked, and beautifully presented and served upon the plank it was grilled on!

Suddenly, things like fish, shrimp & scallops which I would have never tried on a grill before, became favorites... turning out perfectly every time.

But yes... as I alluded to earlier, being somewhat lazy and often spontaneous meant that I often didn't soak the plank sufficiently, resulting in infernos in the grill that I had to spray down with water... not only to extinguish the flame, but to wash off the white ash (and seasonings) from the food. In fact, because of this hassle, I would often not use a plank at all, only for the grill to remind me why using a plank is so much better ;(

As it turns out though, just soaking a plank for the time generally recommended (anywhere between 2 and 24 hours), still doesn't penetrate the wood much. That's when the engineer in me kicked in.

Through much trial and error, I invented a vacuum infusion system and process for deep penetration of liquids into planks, and individually vacuum sealing each plank so it's always ready.

But of course, we couldn't stop there. While water infusion is great, we've always felt that planks saturated with wine would take it to the next level. Again though, there's very little absorption by just soaking a plank, so most of the wine is wasted. Not very practical. However, with vacuum infusion, an entire batch of planks can be deep infused, and no wine is wasted. Practical meets awesome. The result is amazing!! 

Of course, we couldn't just stop at wine. Beers, ciders, brines, syrups... even BACON, are all in process.

... And a business is born! 

Who We Are

Being engineers by trade, we are driven to improve on things, while at the same time, making complex things simple and convenient to use. That, coupled with our passion for food, drink, and the fun atmosphere of a backyard barbecue with friends, inspires us.

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We'd love to hear from you! Tell us about your plank grilling experiences, recipes, suggestions, and ideas.