If you don't have wood, you're not grilling!

Without wood, modern gas, electric, and charcoal grills are just a heat source. Get back to the experience of cooking outdoors!

With WetWood Grilling Planks, you get all the benefits of plank grilling, with the added convenience of being ready to use, and adding another dimension to grilling...

Liquid Infused!

WetWood planks are not simply soaked in water. Our patented vacuum infusion process infuses aromatic liquid deep into planks. When grilling, this generates amazing smoke that blends the aromatic characteristics of wood, wine (or other flavors), and food into a chorus of sights, smells, and tastes.

Choose from our expanding list of infusions, including wine, beer, and even BACON! Each plank is individually vacuum sealed & ready to use.

When paired with food, grilling becomes an amazing sensory experience of smells and tastes... The way grilling was meant to be!

No more soaking! Ready.. Set... Grill!


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